Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre Chiropractic Clinic

Some Fridays 12-2 pm at 71 Rebecca Street, Hamilton

The Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre is committed to providing our community with the highest level of primary health care, education and advocacy, especially with those individuals facing barriers to improving their health and well-being.

The mission of the Chiropractic Clinic at the Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre (HUCCHC) is to provide access to Chiropractic care for those who are facing barriers of access Chiropractic care with the goal of improving the Quality of Life among the community.

The Chiropractic services are provided by licensed Chiropractors who donate their time and service to the community at the HUCCHC.

Dr. Peever is very proud to have bene the Co-director of the HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic.  The project was started in September 2012 and has had many patients, volunteers, and Chiropractors take part.  Dr. Peever thanks all who have been involved and continue to support the inner city Chiropractic Clinic.  If any Chiropractors or volunteers would like to offer their support please contact the Hamilton Urban Core.

In most of our pictures from the Hamilton Urban Core you will see the team of Chiropractors and volunteers holding our award from the HUCCHC.



The mission of the HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic is to provide access to Chiropractic care for those who are facing barriers.

The vision of the HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic is to be an ongoing clinic of revolving Chiropractors that
will bring together Chiropractors from the region to support the community in achieving quality of life
through vitalistic, neurologically centered Chiropractic care. We aim to continuously grow with the
HUCCHC and to share our experiences with our colleagues.

The goal of the HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic is to improve the quality of life among the community.

The HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic will also aim to create a strong community among our Chiropractic team
and the Chiropractic community, create an opportunity for Chiropractors to adjust alongside fellow
colleagues, and to learn from each other’s expertise and experiences.


The HUCCHC Chiropractic Clinic recognizes that interference on the nervous system caused by
Subluxations of the spine can affect the body’s natural ability to adapt and function.


A rotating team of volunteering licensed Chiropractors will work together to create a supportive and
constructive team while caring for the patients that they see with their greatest intent.




To connect with the Chiropractic Clinic at the Hamilton Urban Core, call the Hamilton Urban Core at +1(905)522-3233


One of my personal goals / visions when starting this volunteer Chiropractic clinic was to see the line up outside a local pain clinic disappear.  The line up used to be in the double digits at this pain clinic downtown Hamilton! This used to make me very sad as these people needed and wanted help, and they were being helped through narcotic drugs.  I hoped that with local access to Chiropractic care that was regular, routine, and welcoming that this demand for pain medication would lessen.  After 4 years of volunteering my time and my fellow Chiropractors time I have been happy to see no line ups for some time now at this pain clinic.  Then recently driving past on the way to the volunteer chiropractic clinic I saw the sign in the window advertising that there was “No waiting list”!  Now there are line ups to get adjusted by our Urban Core Chiropractors!   – Dr. Callum Peever

No Waiting List Now at this local pain clinic which previously had huge line ups. Seeing this happen was one of my personal dreams / visions for my volunteering efforts at the Urban Core. I am glad that now there are line ups to get natural conservative Chiropractic care as opposed to narcotic drugs!

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