Dr. Callum Peever is proud to be Advanced Proficiency Rated in the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique.

He uses this Chiropractic technique system to specifically adjust the spine and nervous system with the intent to:

Dr. Callum Peever demonstrating a specific Chiropractic adjustment with an Activator

What is the Activator?

The activator is a handheld instrument that is able to deliver a controlled force from a spring with quickness to a specific location along the spine or body.  The activator is specifically designed to deliver an effective chiropractic adjustment to the spine while using the least amount of force possible.  Activator Methods International continues to study and improve upon the chiropractic adjusting instrument and you can read more about the research regarding the activator chiropractic technique here.


Every year Dr. Peever is updated and trained on the newest science that relates to his patients clinical experience and health through Activator Methods International.  Dr. Callum Peever is also very proud to be an Assistant Clinical Instructor for Activator Methods International, where he instructs at the annual Toronto Activator seminar in November.  There are many other seminars Dr. Peever attends, including the Chiropractic Awareness Council (CAC) Springcon with a pictures below.

Dr. Callum Peever with Dr. Dave Clinning, Dr. Dave Jackson, Dr. Andrew Moore, and Dr. Matt Bradbury at the CAC SpringCon in 2014.

Dr. Callum Peever (right) with Drs. Scot Caven and Micheline Cote at the Activator Seminar in Toronto 2014.

Dr, Matt Bradbury, Dr. Andrew Moore, Bill Esteb, and Dr. Callum Peever at the Chiropractic Awareness Council Spring Con in Toronto in 2015

Dr. Callum Peever with Dr. Micheline Cote and Dr. Scot Caven at the Activator Conference in Mississauga in 2015

Dr. Peever at the Chiropractic Awareness Council’s Spring Conference 2016 in Toronto with Chiropractic friends

Why did he become trained in this Chiropractic technique?

Being the son of a Chiropractor he was exposed to very many different techniques.  What always struck him was that many Chiropractors who grew up in the profession would use this Activator technique.  When he got adjusted this way he was very impressed with the skill of the Chiropractor to directly and specifically identify the spot that needed adjusted. For that reason he learned this technique from day one at Chiropractic college and has been focused on being the best at this technique for his patients.